Garnett McKeen Laboratory, Inc. is a biotechnology research laboratory located Bohemia, Long Island, NY. It is dedicated to developing safe alternative therapies in cancer treatment and other diseases.

For your information the following is a brief history of Garnett McKeen Laboratory.


Garnett McKeen Laboratory was founded by Dr. Merrill Garnett and Mr. Roy McKeen in 1975 as Garnett McKeen Chemical Corp. and reorganized in 1985 as Garnett McKeen Laboratory, Inc. with the stated mission to develop safe and effective metallo-organic compounds for the treatment of cancer. Garnett McKeen Laboratory, Inc. (GML) remains a privately held company with sole ownership of all patents, formulations, and proprietary manufacturing techniques.


During its seminal years GML, under the scientific direction of Dr. Garnett developed the Palladium Lipoic Acid complex (PdL1). In 1992 Canadian oncologist Dr. Rudy Falk added PdL1 to his treatment protocols at his Toronto oncology clinic. Subsequent to Dr. Falk’s use of the compound in patients, a series of co-factors (minerals and amino acids) were added, which increased the efficacy while maintaining its safety profile. Three U.S. patents were awarded in 1995, 1997 and 1998. In the 1990’s Dr. Garnett discovered numerous novel metallo-organic compounds for use in the treatment of various diseases. Out of this research GML developed a set of unique analytical tools and research techniques including electrochemistry and novel microscopy methods to aid in the discovery of new compounds and products.


In 2002 GML opened a U.S. manufacturing facility in Bohemia, NY occupying 10,000 sq. ft. with a state of the art clean room facility and production capabilities expandable to meet growing market demands.


In 2005 El-Gen LLC was formed to separate our manufacturing and sales operations from our research and development pursuits. Garnett McKeen Laboratory remains the research hub of our current organization.


GML’s discoveries have led to numerous new products which have facilitated expansion into the fields of veterinary medicine, HIV, pain management, Lyme disease, anti-aging and fatigue.